Annie is a spectacular yoga teacher - wonderful at talking through poses, providing individual guidance, inspiring affirmations and creating a space for reflection.
— LaChelle Amos

What word comes to mind, when you think of Yoga?

For me, it's: home.

Annie Seymour adjusting student during yoga retreat in Nepal

A strange choice given that my home village in England shares little with my practice in Kathmandu where I've lived for the past four years. But it was on the mat - and in the practice I live off it - that I came home, discovering a sense of wellbeing, contentment, perspective and personal growth which I’d looked for in so many places, only to find in my practice the potential to unlock this within ourselves.

My practice and study of Yoga, especially the Ashtanga lineage, had a huge and unexpected impact on my approach to life and direction: within it I found myself truly in my element. It is this sense of homecoming that I most seek to share with my students, through a celebratory acceptance of ourselves, a recognition of who we truly are, and the inspiration to live to our values and potential. 

I'm passionate about making Yoga accessible to others in a playful, joyful and inclusive space. My tendency is towards strong dynamic classes - but not as a work out. Together, we work in. Inspired by the Buddhist teachings and practices that have been so influential to me, I seek to bring an energy, warmth and accessibility to Yoga practice and traditions for students from all over the world and of all backgrounds. 

I have been fortunate to study under some of the great teachers of the lineage, and every day send them my deepest gratitude for all they have brought me. This includes in Mysore’s KPJAYI with Saraswati and R. Sharath Jois, intensive studies under Ashtanga and pranayama master Paul Dallaghan (the first to accredit me as a teacher), Tim Miller, studies with yoga anatomists Adarsh Williams and Andrew McGonigle (“Dr Yogi”), and practicing with Hamish Hendry in London, Boonchu Tanti in Bangkok, Iain Grysak in Bali and Lisa Shrempp in Arizona which has been instrumental in deepening my practice and teaching style. I have undertaken 800 hours of teacher training to look at the practice through different lenses, and have been blessed to assist at workshops, retreats and TTCs  alongside Heather Elton, Doron Hanoch, Emil Wendel and Ellen Johannesen, and to lead multiple retreats and workshops in Nepal.

Annie Seymour practicing with Tim Miller