Annie teaches internationally, but is mostly found in Asia (in particular Nepal), to help deepen her own practice in the spiritual and historical home of Yoga, and to absorb as much as she can of yoga philosophy and authentic lifestyle. It's here that she finds she can live most to her values, most in her element. 

These pages give details of the teachings she most loves to share, and her schedule for the year. 

Teacher training 

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, 1st-27th September 2019.

Join Annie for an extraordinary month in a Tibetan Monastery, and emerge ready to teach. Annie will be joined by Lizzie Hacker, guest anatomist Matt Huy and guest philosopher Ellen Johannesen. Find out more.

With Annie and Lizzie both living in Nepal, they had insights and knowledge that cannot possibly be available if attending a TTC in a country where the teachers have just flown in themselves to teach the course. Whether you aim is to deepen your own practice, teach in a yoga studio, or even just to make a whole new group of awesome friends, I would honestly highly suggest that you look into this course. You will laugh and you will cry, but you won’t regret a minute of it! When I compare my experience with friends who’ve done TTCs elsewhere I feel so lucky and so blessed. Thank you xxx

Colleen Murray, New Zealand graduate of September 2016 TTC

Workshop specialties

To go more deeply into the teachings and practices of yoga, Annie has an expanding curriculum of workshops for group intensives. These include:

You are an amazing teacher and person. Thank you for everything you share with us and the genuine caring you have for the yoga community. We feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to learn from you. Looking forward to more in the future.
— Bhavna Kumar – regular student in Kathmandu


When in Nepal, Annie is fortunate to be part of the teaching faculty and student community at Pranamaya Yoga, Nepal's leading yoga school, to teach privately in her home shala, and to assist at the retreats she hosts through Mahalaya Nepal. Outside of Nepal, she teaches classes and intensives as she travels: please email Annie for details or for bookings.

Private classes are available on request: please email Annie for details. Annie works together with her private students to develop sequences that support their particular needs, lifestyle and journey, and hands those sequences over so that the student can build and benefit from their practice independently. 

Thanks so much for your teaching over the past months. Your guidance in Ashtanga has helped me to challenge my competitive side into a more positive, sustainable practice. This is also a big thank you for your insights on yoga, life and career things: your balance has inspired me. It can be done! Your approach to life and practice has allowed a new door to open for me.
— Andy Paul – regular student in Kathmandu